Skule’s Got talent began around October 2011 where the idea of SGT was envisioned and a team (of 1T5s) came together. Through much hard work and organization, the SGT 1T2 Auditions were then held on Friday March 2, 2012 from 5:30-9:30pm, free for the public, in the Sanford Fleming Basement (SF Pit). The SGT 1T2 Final Show then followed and was held again in SF Pit on Thursday April 5, from 6pm-10pm. SGT 1T4 was held on Friday March 28th, from 6pm-10pm. There were many participants in both the Audition and Final show, and we hope that next year (and future years) will be just as awesome. We look forward to seeing your talent fellow members of Skule!


1T4-1T5 Team

Chair: Kimberly Shen (ECE 1T5)

Finance Director: Kenny Kim (EngSci 1T6)

Social Media Tools/Webmaster: Amreen Poonawala (Indy 1T6)

Events Director: Ishan Juneja (Mech 1T6)

Events Director: Helen Song (Mech 1T6)

Communications Director: Raneem Shammas (T1 1T7)

Marketing Director: Fuad Munzerin Hossain (T1 1T7)

Special Events & Equipment Director: Fan Guo (T1 1T7)


1T3-1T4 Team

Chair: Kimberly Shen (ECE 1T5)

Finance: Kenny Kim (EngSci 1T6)

Internal & External Affairs: Ishan Juneja (Mech 1T6)

Webmaster: Amreen Poonawala (Indy 1T6)

Events Director: Akshaya Pragadeeshram (ECE 1T5)

Events Director: Laura Burget (Chem 1T5)

Special Events Director: Anna Vakulyuk (ECE 1T5)

Sound & Stage Equipment: Omar Shargall (Mech 1T5)


1T2-1T3 Team

Chair: Michael Taguiam (ChemE 1T5)

Finance Director: Laura Shen (ECE 1T5)

Social Media Tools/Webmaster: Nicholas Nico Valenton (CivE 1T5)

Internal Communications: Carol Choi (ChemE 1T5)

External Logistics/Communications: Kimberly Shen (ECE 1T5)

Internal Logistics/Stage Manager: Carmen Chan (ChemE 1T5)

Internal Logistics/Stage Manager: Laura Burget (ChemE 1T5)

Internal Logistics/Stage Manager: Lucy Liu (ChemE 1T5)

Promotions/Marketing: Gabrielle Sebaldt (MechE 1T5)


1T1-1T2 Team (The Founding Team)

Project Director: Michael Taguiam (ChemE 1T5)

Finances: Jenny Yao (Indy 1T5)

Media and Promotions: Nicholas Nico Valenton (CivE 1T5)

Media and Promotions: Carol Choi (ChemE 1T5)

Logistics: Kimberly Shen (ECE 1T5)

Stage Operations: Carmen Chan (ChemE 1T5)

Stage Operations: Laura Burget (ChemE 1T5)

Stage Operations: Lucy Liu (ChemE 1T5)

Stage Equipment: Steve Lu (MechE 1T5)

Sound Equipment: Laura Shen (ECE 1T5)